Monday, 11 July 2011

Molana Hussain Ahmad Madni's poetry

Molana Hussain Ahmad Madni :rahim: famously read the following couplets when he presented himself at the blessed resting place of our Prophet Muhammad:saw: ...
چمکتا رہے تیرے روضے کا منطر
 سلامت رہے تیرے روضے کی جالی
ہم کو بھی عطا ہو شوقِ ابوذر
 ہم کو بھی عطا ہو جذبہ بلالی
'Chamakta rehe tere rozey ka manzar....Salaamat reher tere rozey ki jaali
hum ko bhi atta ho woh showk-e-abu zar...hum ko bi atta ho jazba e billali'

May the sight of your resting place shineth infinitely
May the grill of your resting place stay infinitely
May we be blessed with the zeal of Abu Dhar too,
May we be blessed with the ferver of Bilaal too.


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