Sunday, 10 July 2011

Jalsa part 2

Continuing from part 1
Peer sahib Moulana Talhah Khandalwi :rahim: was briefly intoduced:
Moulana Sahib is the son of Shaykh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyah :rahim: , the founder of the Madrassah I attended :alhamd:.

Moulana Sahib attained the title of 'Peer Sahib' at a very young age. The story behind it is one of awe and humour.

All young children spend parts of their childhood playing. Moulana Talhah was no different. Most children know-a-days play 'princess', spend time on the internet or gaming on their psp, however the play of Moulana Talhah was a unique play. A type of game one rarely sees or hears children playing.
Young Moulana Talhah played the shaykh/peer sahib and his circle of friends played the mureeds. They all playfully took bay'at at the hands of young Moulana Talhah.
Whilst all this was going on Moulana Hussain Ahmad Madni :rahim:, came to visit Moulana Zakariyyah, and he saw the children happily playing. Moulana joined in with the children and took bay'at at the hands of Young Moulana Talhah. After this Moulana Hussain Madni would call Moulana Talhah peer sahib.
Moulana Hussain Madni was very committed to this title to such an extent that at dinner times, if Moulana Talhah was not present, Moulana Hussain Madni would say 'where is peer sahib?' Moulana Hussain Madni would not eat unless his little peer sahib would start first. And hence Moulana Talhah was known by the name 'peer sahib'.

I was very touched after hearing this story.
We seldom hear of adults joining in with children and taking children seriously...

As mentioned in the previous post, Moulana arrived approx 15 minutes after Moulana Sayfur Rehman.
Moulana Talhah gave a short speech on how we females must learn and acquire as many new skills as possible, be it cooking, sewing, cleaning, etc
By accumulating these skills one's value will increase.It will help you to be occupied and not leave you idle.
Which reminds me of the saying, "An idle mind is a devils work shop"
Moulana did dua and then left.

All in all, this event was refreshing for the heart and an excellent reminder. We females spend time most of hour time at home cooking, cleaning and other household chores. Of course, we may pray Salah and pray qur'aan but in my humble opinion we always need to listen to a  talk or two to remind us and guide us.

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